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TuffAnt Steel Wheels

Currently in stock – Pilbara ET27 which suits the D3, D4, and D5 excluding SD6 for MY19 and MY20.

The ET27 variant has a slightly greater offset than standard D3 and D4 alloy rims so you will gain 17mm per side (34mm extra width per axle).

The final design of these rims complies with the appropriate ISO, DOT and SAE standards so TuffAnt steel rims are fit for purpose. They are made from high strength steel, machine pressed, machine welded, painted and then powder coated. Each steel rim weighs approx.18 kg and is rated at 1000kg load.

See our fitment guide

Recommended tyre sizes are as follows:

Tyre Size Known Fitment Issues Spare tyre well fitment isues
265 60 R18 None currently reported None currently reported
265 65 R18 Slight rubbing in full lock when new Will need to deflate tyre to fit
285 60 R18 May rub in ‘Access Mode’ and full lock Will need to deflate tyre to fit and reduced ground clearance

See our fitment guide

The best choice to avoid any rubbing issues is 265/60 R 18.

Tyre choice is a personal one and a recommendation that suits one person will not suit another! Manufacturers normally provide detailed specification of tyres and it is always a good idea to check overall actual size before fitment.

Directions must be followed to ensure that wheels are balanced correctly, wheel weights don’t interfere with the brake caliper and that the weights stay on through regular and proper use. TuffAnt wheels are a close clearance design and weights should be tap on ones fitted to the inside and outside edge of the rim only. It is not advisable to use stick on weights because they might catch on brake calipers.


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